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Clash of Clans – NEW Update TH9 Hybrid Base!! CoC Best Town hall 9 Farming/Trophy BASE!!

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  1. just finished this base and set to active got hit with 12 gaiants and rest archers around the base gave up50% pretty easily

  2. good job

  3. easy loot DE with EQ spell ?

  4. Guys who keep saying"There's no second DE drill,or laboratory"Just fit it in somewhere around the base and stop giving the guy a hard time

  5. you forgot laboratory an one dark elixir drill

  6. Layout Gold!

  7. layout is good ?

  8. cool, hope this base will help my base go to the champions L! THANKS MAN!

  9. eclihpse keep up with your video love it :D

  10. like!!

  11. you missed out one dark elixir drill and the laboratory

  12. u forgot one dark elixir extracor and the spell factory jeje im gonna try this base :)

  13. Where's the lab and the second DE drill???

  14. easy goho!!!! jk man, great base dude!

  15. You forgot the lab

  16. Doesn't matter, I like the base tho. The second DE drill can you swap with the spell factory??

  17. the last th9 hybrid base was awesome, make one like this please!!

  18. dude thx this base defended 2 against a mex th 10!!

  19. #Eclihpse there is no DE protection base out there for Townhall 9 for the new update . plz create a great DE protective base .

  20. +Eclihpse you forgot to put the laboratory and a D. drill