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Clash of Clans – “NEW UPDATE” Town Hall 8 Base “NEW TH11 UPDATE!” BEST CoC TH8 Base! 2015

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  1. hogs can clean all this base

  2. the clancastle and barbarian king should be at least in the inside. Thisbase is not a good for th8 crystals like me because someofthe important buildings areoutside and the air defense is too sxposed. Nice base thou, good base forgold andsilver farmers.

  3. umm isn't the dark elixir storage kinda exposed there? placed on 2nd layer……

  4. Love this base, I used the farming base of this and it was great but now this base…even better!

  5. yo got some replay?

  6. Tô.OP Likee, ThX ;)

  7. i'm getting maintence about a couple hours, it could be TH11 update right?

  8. LIKE LIKE!!!

  9. Like !!!