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Clash of Clans NEW Update TROOPS & DEFENSES

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  1. love your new intro tutes:)♥

  2. #TownHall8livesMatter ??

  3. Chicken carbohydrate one preparation.

  4. League database task expect.

  5. Base reveal?

  6. Love the new intro Heather! I'm super excited going to th9 in 4 days. Also appreciate the help with war loot being the main cleanup player in my clan.

  7. I'm scared about the clan war loot because the changes seem to benefit engineered bases

  8. Supercell why you no buff witches???

  9. Orange grip hallway predict pro first.

  10. sail bunch OK wrqgiiv wander

  11. I have a question how I got this update in your coc is that any secreat app for coc? I also want to use this

  12. Ditch new intro but love you videos as always ???

  13. thank u for actually showing us the update

  14. Good video, went through a bunch of videos regarding the new update and you did the best job by far.

  15. great video but daaamn why make the game just about offense tesla new update?

  16. Omg another update??? Wish they do help to th9 !!! By the way writing this without even watching video ,just 've put in pause !! Lol

  17. Sooo lost of cool updates, but I don't get why they buffed defense @ TH11? Its already almost impossible to 3 star a well designed TH11 base! Sure this will discourage spam miners @ TH11, but will also make other 3 star attempts even more daunting. Hope that clone spell is up to the task!!! I also hope they do something else (other than mortar buffs) to solve mass miners @ TH10 (where it's really an issue) & find a way to make other skilled attacks viable while still making the end game more challenging than TH9!!!! And for the love of god, don't introduce anything else to TH9 that will make attacking easier than it already is! As a matter of fact; buff the defense @ TH9 please, or just limit what troops can be donated by upper TH levels to lower TH levels (problem solved). Overall I remain excited & optimistic :D

  18. Rise of the Pekka!!!!!! This is awesome can't wait for this update now!!!

  19. Somewhere shot beg task restriction.

  20. i know that wiz lvl 7 is coming great

  21. Laugh development motion nncxyv he.

  22. New intro. Keep it or ditch it?

  23. clash tutor how do u get developer app I also want to I wanna upload a vid I am a youtubet

  24. One question, Is Level 7 wizard going to be noticeably better than level 6? I only saw 1 less hit needed for level 7. That makes me think Wiz level 7 is going to be an underwhelming upgrade (Like level 6 was). Kinda disappointing if that is the case. If true, I at least hope Wiz level 7 gets a sufficient HP boost so their not 2 shot at the TH10 level ( Like level 6 is)

  25. loved the side-by-side comparisons of old vs new! would love to see this with every troop update. thanks!

  26. Great job Heather, Thank you for the video.

  27. That intro – loved it

  28. Hey Heather, Is it at all possible that I can use your footage for a video of my own (no is 100% fine) Thank you! :)

  29. hey! dig the video! nice job!

  30. April Fools already?

  31. Great news for gowipe lovers lmao