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Clash of Clans – NEW UPDATE Ultimate TH7 Anti-3 Star Base + Defense Log or Replay Screenshot!

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  1. LoL at first man I was thinking that you were gonna say this bace is totally new.

    And take credit for it.
    It's a relief to see you gibe the actual creator
    hit props.

    Keep it up.

  2. nice :)

  3. text me in Twitter

  4. Second like :)

  5. I'm upgrading to th7 and there is just 3 days and 22 hours left

  6. just need a few more gold

  7. ik

  8. im town hall 8 anyway

  9. np

  10. Ohh.. I am sorry that I left The clan my friend was bragging to join his clan.

  11. gonna need that

  12. base sucks

  13. cool video

  14. Clash of Clans New Update Ultimate TH7 Anti-3 Star Base "Defense Log and Replay Screenshot" Like for more Awesome Bases! 20+Likes? SUBSCRIBE TO NOT MISS ANY :)