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Clash of Clans – NEW UPDATE! Valkyrie Changes & New Troops Levels!

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  1. hay chief what the air defend in the single player it is strang

  2. good bye to th10's.. gonna get cleared by th11 with their max valk and max heroes..

  3. Mass valk attack is going to be even better

  4. That attack looked like it was on x2 speed!
    Need to grind my valks up to lvl 4 now at th9 :D

  5. I never thought I would say this but they actually look op

  6. The new design for lower level AD makes me uncomfortable, something about their design seems sketchy

  7. im sorry for the players that maxed their poison. lets have a moment of silence as tribute for the dark elixir that was wasted.

  8. are those new troop levels available for th11 only or also for th10?

  9. Can you guys help me get to 100 Subscribers

  10. did some one see the dark barracks, they look different maybe it's a new troop

  11. and a new level mortar

  12. when is the update

  13. I hate that poision spell shit I think supercell forgot that it's a strategy game whenever we bring out strategeys super cell goes and puts down a shit update to game it sucks!!!

  14. what the hell is supercell doing making the troops leave during poison spells and making attack 3 minutes instead of 30m 30s that sucks so bad I ight even just quit the game cuz of this stuff

  15. did the update come??

  16. Y he talks like faggot ?

  17. Told you that the sneak peek has been leaked…Last video i commented about lvl 7 Gobs before hand…. Nd in the upcoming sneak peeks a new troop named Rocketeer is gonna come

  18. lol nice but valkyries look like mini sucked up giants

  19. I'm upgrading to th8 so these won't affect me.. but I'm loving the new lvl 6 how.. very interesting! thanks Patrick for the vid ?

  20. Did anyone see the bomb area at 1:09

  21. Great, it was ok until they fucked the poison spell. It's meant to take out the cc troops?

  22. they will make the valks too OP , and when everyone will gems them from lvl 1 to 5 , they will nerf it
    ……. got yaa supercell

  23. What the point for poison now

  24. God these Air defenses are so fking ugly. And now there's no point of poison spells, I thought there purpose was to kill cc troops? First it was the th11 update now its this, the game is completely ruined now.

  25. They just fucking ruined poison spells are you kidding me !?!

  26. guys did you see the dark barracs they look like flippin meteorite crash down on it scene at 03:27

  27. What level is that air defence ?in the single player attack on sherbet towers?

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  29. Can i get a loan of 3 subscriber?

  30. Fml.. First supercell adds a poison which makes lighting the cc useless, now they make poisons useless

  31. guys I think There will be Dark Barracks lvl 7 but idk the new troop yet

  32. ??

  33. poison spell pretty much useless now

  34. these poison is shiit

  35. I was getting exited cause my hogs would finally be max… Not anymore…