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Clash Of Clans: New Updated TH8 DE Specialty Farming Base – Crows

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  1. i was needing this base when i was th 8 but i am th 9 now

  2. I have nothing to write but I accidentally clicked comment I already started typing so I may as well finish it… :P

  3. I think this base is missing my commentating :(

  4. HK I wanted to join your clan but someone rejected me. I am AppleHead+

  5. The moment you create a th8 base I am gonna be a th9.. wow

  6. Wow such a cool cool awesome cool base design…

    To aphrodi that is not you lol

  7. base looks scawy

  8. Let's play a game.. Can anyone figure out a mistake that I did?… Hint, hint it is not the base build or anything..

  9. Wow one person was able to use this base in like 10 minutes and left a dis cuz he/she got three starred… Well played m8..

  10. Table Of Contents:
    0:00 Introduction
    0:08 Base Build
    2:44 The Base

    About This Base:
    Trophy Recommend Location: 1400-2399
    Air Sweeper: Blowing South
    Skeleton Traps: Ground Mode

    Features Of This Base:
    -Extreme DE protection
    -Anti Wall Breaking compartments to DE
    -Advance funneling system that leads troops to North and South (avoiding the core of course ;D)
    -Teslas protecting DE Storage
    -Archer Towers in core to support core protection
    -Giant Bombs in a great funneling position for tier 1 and 2 troops
    -Wide-spread base that causes troops to separate far away
    -4 tile in core so Archer Queen cannot snipe DE