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Clash of Clans ~ NEW UPDATES March 2016

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  1. hi, I have a th9.5 do u suggest I start putting my infernos for the next update or stay a .5??

  2. Enjoy your take on the new update and its probable changes to how we play. Curious to see whether the lady valk with its changes will still be viable as i was going to start trying to use/master her….

  3. thx ti kep us up to the date

  4. Balance th10 guys. TH10 is useless in war

  5. do anyone knows when the update will roll? I mean the exact date?

  6. nice vid but the constant scrolling up and down was nauseating…

  7. I agree with some of the changes and strongly disagree with others. My question is why does SC insist on telling us how to play the game? I didn't mind the double poison one bit. If you decided you wanted to do it than whatever go for it. If you didn't than don't do it. I pray they are adding higher lvl troops for TH10 because it's already unbalanced and this update is only going to make it more difficult

  8. Queen walk is nerfed again!? smh…
    Overall i think the poison spell was the biggest tweek in clash. Good vid dude. GG

  9. Wow this is bullshit. They really want to fuck up coc. Fuck you SuperCell

  10. nice vid