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Clash of clans – NEW VALKYRIE 3 STAR COMP!?! (War with valks)

  1. It's hard for us smaller youtubers trying to grow! Please give my
    channel a chance, the subscribe button takes less than a blink of an eye
    to click. ;)

  2. Godson pls. Give me a YEEEAAAAAAAA!!!!!

  3. I love u man, but those intros….I can do without

  4. yeahhh

  5. hi Godson!

  6. I came early cuz it said new valk 3 start

  7. I can't wait for the next dark barracks upgrade, the Valkyries just erase everything now

  8. hi godson ur vids r the best

  9. hey

  10. i love your intro gs it was cool

  11. Even Level 1 Valkyries are OP at TH8. 10 Valks 10 Wizards, 2 Golems, 4 Wallbreakers, 6 Archers & Barbarians, 2 Rage Spell & 3 EQ Spells + 1 in Clan Castle

  12. i love 2 watch godson's vdo cuz it is short straight 2 the point and no bullshit

  13. cool video ☺

  14. title typo im sure bro

  15. valks are op

  16. ok…

  17. Our clan is level 9

  18. ?SMG4s outro song?

  19. ok

  20. you rock

  21. Star* lol ;)

  22. Godson are you going to do another high loot video? if so I just got a high loot raid.. I can't post the video but I shared it with my clan… War L3g3nds mind checking it out?

  23. Godson, the type of guy to be so hyped for a video, he mucks up the title

  24. Hello gordon

  25. gosh darn godson.. Clash of clans – NEW VALKYRIE 3 START COMP!?! (War with valks) Really man XD