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Clash of Clans NEW Valkyrie Update | Clan War Balance Changes | CoC 2016 SNEAK PEEK Discussion

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  1. new Add Unlimited – – G E M S – – With this App:

  2. I think upgrading walls is overpriced AF!!!

  3. 3 minutes 30 seconds back

  4. nice video

  5. grandpa here remember when spells cost GOLD

  6. The hashtags are the most pointless things in his videos

  7. The issue with clash is your troops are something you perfect over time. These massive changes make me want to sit out versus being eager to venture to try something new. I don't feel like I know the game anymore. Are witches useful? Are poison? Are valks? I don't know. I guess I'll throw this troop mix into the war and see what I can do with 30 less seconds. Oh you forgot or did they drop the healer nerf?

  8. Hey gan if you see this comment I would like to ask why your co-leader in you clash Royale clan did not accept me in clearlyconfused. I meet the trophy and level requirements but M&M rejected me and banned me. Any chance you could explain what I need to join ?

  9. I want to see new level for pumps

  10. I'd like to see a crack down on mods in the game particularly xmods in clan wars

  11. Better upgrade progression, it's not fun upgrading 3 teslas 3 times at town hall 8

  12. mini heroes type troop for th10 & up, new hog level would be sweet too

  13. Hi

  14. U will probably not read this butt I love u

  15. حرظق

  16. please bring back the 30 seconds on the attack 3 min and 30 seconds was really good

  17. you should only face clans your level example level 1 versus level 1 and have similar war wins example a clan with 5 wins in a row would get matched up with a clan with 5 wins in a row. every defense you take the amount of gold elixir and dark elixir would double if you have the space for ALL of the resources. example if you have 100000 gold and elixir and you can double it but you have 6000 dark elixir and can only hold 10000 NONE will get doubled.

  18. The longest word I know is supercalifragilisticexpialidocious (I think it's spelt wrong)


  20. Hello

  21. I like Clash Royale more because you can attack anytime I want too.Clash of Clans takes way too long if I wanna do GoWiPe,GoWiWi etc.

  22. Are they trying to kill this game? Skellies not springing traps and 3 mins really sucks!

    Bring in tournament clan wars. Stop with the nerf, bring in some new stuff!

  23. my longest word a know responsibilities.

  24. Battle times back to 3 mins? That sucks!

  25. Fuck off I'm 6th fuck

  26. Legan james , pls can you make a video how do you record videos ?

  27. I want them to make farming how it used to be but that wont happen

  28. Last