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Clash of Clans – Ninja Live #1

In this series, I lurk in the chat and then wait for a live attack that I will watch with the inclusion of live commentary. All credits go out to Jake from OneHive raids …


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  1. nice brad. would love to see this. I just love this especially the th8 because most of my clan mates is th8. Th9 attacks is just to much content already at other channel. I love it. thanks for your efforts. Your clan are killing it.

  2. nice vid brad! maybe change the title of series though?

  3. More ninja lives!

  4. cough Jake from OneHive's idea cough 😉 Nice vid though, keep it up:)

  5. Hi brad! It's me J2K3 from iceni

  6. Damn you guys are good… Wish I could join that clan

  7. What does ninja attack exactly mean?

  8. Hehee ninja^d

  9. Pls Show more th9 Action :S

  10. Wow! More of this kind of video pls, Brad!

    note: dont ever ninja live'd my attacks! lol?

  11. nice! mike seemed a bit muffles though.