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Clash of Clans – NOOBIEST WAR EVER? LEVEL 1 CLAN WAR! Greatest Lvl 1 War Attacks

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  1. A,a,l

  2. Lol wite, where's the song credit for tobu?

  3. lmao you stupid bitch had me dying lmao

  4. wait blaze1510 i think i saw him in the enemy clan wich is who i didnt attack

  5. We're u high during this because I was

  6. I want you to be in my clan guardians plain white logo

  7. your grate

  8. ??

  9. This dip shit didnt know how they got in his base LMAO 

  10. CQOTD:what do u plan doing in 2016?

  11. What do you want to do in 2016

  12. .

  13. CQOTD:
    Why did they delete the electric fence? I liked them a lot more …


  15. I thought the warden got his ability at lvl 4?

  16. so cluch

  17. Can you join my clan please it's cold MYSTLC7-

  18. I had your name before you did

  19. Can i join your clan I have no clan but a pretty good base

  20. CQOTD what is the best way to get free gems on clash