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Clash of Clans: October Update NOW Friendly Wars & Army Quick Train

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  1. Can you do a video , Try out new armys and tell us whats the best armys for th9 ( Test out withches and hogs and come up with a pekka army to.

  2. klaus. please make an new updated TH8.5 guide and the laboratory please..

  3. Hey Klaus I just wanted to ask you how strict are you with the join rules for knights of Zion as I'd like to join but don't have lvl 4 hogs

  4. could People join the clan

  5. In depth video please

  6. Hey you can actually upgrade your lab even if there is a troop upgrading itself in the lab

  7. klaus i saw your clan but i dont have enough trophies my name in clash is wizmaster may i please join yor clan if you want to see my base type in clan BOSTON RAIDERS all caps thank you

  8. But doesn't this new barracks system mean we won't be able to train normal and dark troops at the same time? However I haven't calculated overall troop creation times. For example I love farming with a Super Queen troop composition… I HAD 2 healers, 3 wall breakers, 2 healers, and 3 wall breakers etc. in each of my barracks while 6 minions are training in each dark barracks (12 total). The reason I do this is to have multiple raids ready back to back to back etc… as long as the queen stays a live with my rage spells I can keep attacking and just top up what was used in the previous attack. This update seems to be a step backwards in troop comp creation IMO and a step towards simplicity. I do however enjoy the create an army feature and name it. Very fast for war purposes.

  9. i want to know the trophy pushing attack strategy for th6

  10. I missed golden hour I was at school when update hit

  11. where were you the past 5 days?? did I miss something or….??

  12. I think taking away the pekkas weakness was a mistake. I use gowipe and I will probably get bored because I did very good before but now pekkas will be so incredible it might be too easy. It's good I guess but at the same time it might make it too easy.

  13. Klaus make a th 6 base please!

  14. Can u do a video on the new wizard and witches

  15. Klaus where were you for the last couple days?

  16. tried to be a friend was too late

  17. Good video

  18. but now we have one barrack, so only 1 troop at a time

  19. klaus it is a bomb tower lvl2 + 1200 gems + 4m gold for 10 bucks

  20. I only found your channel recently Klaus, and I love it, you've brought me back to CoC, looking forward to all your new content

  21. You can upgrade your laboratory while upgrading a troop btw

  22. yay we are friends on coc! my name is Kylar Maximur!! :)

  23. lowve your visa keep ip the food work

  24. hello

  25. Nice video dude way to go

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  27. Claus you friend me my name is zantraxer thx

  28. its for 10 dollars not 1200 gems
    just letting people know cx

  29. thanks for accepting klaus

  30. thanks for accepting klaus

  31. you can name them just click on army

  32. He lives!

  33. Hello Klaus

  34. How about a speed build with the new defense th9?