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Clash of Clans – OFFICAL: Clan War Matchmaking Changes!

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  1. Hey guys join U.S.A legacy were a level 4 war clan looking for non rushed th6-11 so if u wanto join say Tim sent u on the message to enter plz join :)

  2. my clan totally destroys all war we at 20 win in a row right now. its kinda boring but i do like winning

  3. finally

  4. This game is CLASH OF CLANS? right ? Why isn't the war part of this game emphasized more?

  5. Molt math! Lmao

  6. I say, as long as super cells changes don't blow up in there faces, and it'll be obvious when something is wrong in the game, I'm all for it.

  7. like this for no reason

    thanks :)

  8. Why is your voice so soothing xD

  9. you arent verified anymore

  10. Supercell: Lets Make Clash Of Clans Worst So People Can Play Royale

  11. Luckily were a 10 15 or 20 clan

  12. what about hero's always being available in war, even when upgrading…

  13. you sound so sick of coc

  14. why don't u put any non copyright background music in ur videos

  15. I haven't touched that clash of clans app icon since Clash Royale came out

  16. biggest problem with wars is cheating modders.

  17. pat on clash royale i got an arena 2 super magical chest from winning

  18. Taking away 35 and 45? Supercell can't do anything good without doing something retarded in return

  19. We're on a 30+ win streak. Oh gawd

  20. If clans with good recent war records are matched with one another, won't it screw over good fp clans and match them with modders? and also could it possibly screw up arranged matchups?