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Clash of Clans – OFFICIAL! “Resource System Additions” Incoming!

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  1. Is anyone else still having the collectors and mines 1 gem boosts? It is for me..

  2. Fair play to supercell for listening. I'm maybe glad that I didn't delete the app now but every time they do something now I'm going to be super nervous after they managed to wreck the game while thinking they were improving it.

  3. I don't get why they are changing loot, it has worked perfectly at my league. 600k every raid. for me I personaly think that loot has been better after the townhall 11 update

  4. This is the end of coc, rest in peace

  5. K

  6. 95,001st!

  7. they're giving us more info? like the amount of info that came with th11

  8. Heads up FTW!

  9. Fanally!!

  10. Hey guys i am giving away $15 on iTunes or google play store when i hit 70 subs. And yes you will say I'm bad but it won't hurt to sub and see if you win that gift card! Thanks for the support, Cam

  11. InFlation!!!

  12. Hope it had something to do with the goblin map.

  13. wow. the noob whiners rule the day again… sad. the only problem with loot were the noobs who dont know how to attack and the rushed bases who cant defend… sad

  14. Just put a league perks !

  15. a last

  16. i think a defense bonus would be good, people woud have to deploy a amount of troops for it to be available nd only get it on if u win the defense

  17. I love when I get a heads up of what's to come whether I like it or not I still wanna b informed.

  18. Making the loot bonus higher isn't going to do shit. You can't farm by pushing trophies..

  19. Hello Clashers,

    As mentioned in our latest posts, we’re currently working on an update that we intend to roll out as soon as possible. In the meantime here is a preview of what’s coming:

    Introducing the new Star Bonus! Win five stars in Multiplayer attacks in order to win a daily resource bonus!

    Housed in your Clan Castle, the Treasury is the safest place to store resources. Your daily Star Bonus and War Loot Bonus are automatically stored in the Treasury for safeguarding and only a very small percentage can be stolen.

    Last but not least, we’ll introduce the Loot Cart. After your village has been attacked, a percentage of the stolen resources will be added to a Loot Cart in your Village. Once you collect the resources from the Loot Cart, these will be transferred to your Treasury for safeguarding.

    Besides these new features, the update will also include a few bug fixes and battle balancing tweaks.

    We’ll provide more details soon, stay tuned!

    – Clash of Clans Dev Team ​

  20. +PlayClashOfClans When will Clash Royale get out for android??

  21. lol supercell understand that after the th11 update we hate the word sneak peak so they went preview bravo sc

  22. Hopefully that means they wil give me 1 billion of all loot ;)

  23. Too little, too late.

  24. Sweet!

  25. a win bonus would be pretty cool

  26. So after reading their announcement, it looks like they are going to a 5 star system now(does this apply to wars also?), and that to get this star bonus you will need to 100% a base as you need all 5 stars to get it. Not really fixing anything with this.

    Loot Cart, a percentage returned after you've been attacked. Let's see what the percentage is first before any comments are made.

    Treasury in CC, nothing to say about this right now either as there is no way to know what it will do for us.

    Not sure this is really a fix to anything loot wise. How this is supposed to increase loot found is not really evident. Pretty sure in SC fashion this update has not been sent out to be tested other than on a couple developer pads so it has no real testing on it, just a theory that this will help.

  27. finnaly it is facking time. they ruined coc totally

  28. Ya I want supercell to give us a head's up so atleast people who have quit the game atleast will start playing if SC makes an official announcement that they have fixed LOOT System !
    I also want chief Pat to give us a head's up that loot fix has been done !:)

  29. Anyone can tell me where i can copy that base

  30. It's gotta fix farming for townhall 10 and 11 farming somehow

  31. i am fairly sure that they put inactive bases back into the game. i have gotten over a million loot on attacks everyday this week and am finding them all the time

  32. i personally never understood why u dont get the league bonus when u defend well. With well I mean the opponent doesnt get any stars so u get cups and the attacker loses the battle

  33. If they want to keep making money they should keep us up to date. I think they got freaked out when so many bad comments hit them in the Apple Store and on the forums.

  34. are they going to fix the problem that you get constantly robbed when you have a lot of recources?

  35. Okay guys good news, there's a 90% chance that dead bases are back! I had an account offline for 10+ days and it just got attacked since 2 days back and it's been constantly getting attacked now even tho I haven't attacked in forever

  36. $c started to give us info it means $c not earning new members and start lossing old memeber

  37. Please watch my recent video! Please get me to 150 subscribers!

  38. we need a way to defend our loot. not encourage more loot for attackers…

  39. I bet Pat isn't going to reply this comment.

  40. guys how about they add levels to the goblin trail and have it reload every month that will then guarantee a source of loot and also give the option of being able to provide offline gameing at some point in the future

  41. guys how about they add levels to the goblin trail and have it reload every month that will then guarantee a source of loot and also give the option of being able to provide offline gameing at some point in the future

  42. Well I can only hope they DON'T add more pumps and mines because not only would that make it even harder to 3 star at certain levels but it also says we want you to pay even more money or struggle like you are once we take the 1 gem boost away. I see people say oh the loots great I just hit a base for 600k each and 5k de but its a false economy its a temporary fix which is what supercell said. They need multiple changes made to fix the loot system one would be give more bonus to leagues. 2nd raise the loot per hour that our current pumps and mines dish out and last but not least for a solid defense against someone that attacks your base you get a larger % of the elixir per troop that died and DE for the dark troops basically someone fails and you actually make a decent amount for having invested your time in a good base layout it would inspire people to get more creative stop doing the whole .5 stuff that they do to get a lower war weight. Sorry I know that was a lot but their Im done lol

  43. Any information is better than none! Yes, this is a GOOD thing. ??

  44. Clash is fixed right now! Farming is ALIVE!

  45. This would be a very positive start… cool

  46. Chief,
    Off the subject a bit but would you kindly create/display or review TH9 war base please?
    DrStrange from Crystal Charm.

  47. da uma força no cala glr

  48. I'm finding more dead bases now in 1700's and 1800's than before the update the loot is amazing rn

  49. I think supercell should focus more on Clash royale, I played it and it was great!! I think it really has a bright future

  50. At this point I feel that Supercell has already alienated about a third of it's core audience into considering quitting , and many of them are already walking. What's sad is Supercell isn't even trying to say anything that is going to bring back what farmers liked out of CoC. While I get trophy pushing is where the money is it is not like the farmers got in the way of those players and that revenue stream. Cheap shielding created a secondary game within the broader game for farmers and casual players. What was so wrong with that? It seems like as a creator you would be pleased that people found as many ways as possible to play the game you created. The trophy pushing game that Supercell has now narrowed Clash down to has always been around. I wasn't interested in it before. Why should I be now?