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Clash of Clans – OFFICIAL Update Thoughts!

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  1. AngryPat*

  2. Me:
    logs on my th9 i've played for years
    gets confused about shields
    see's no loot
    loses dark elixir
    logs off

    rt if yu cri


  4. Thank you chief pat for summarizing what everybody has been saying because I feel like they will listen to you more than anybody and for showing some people how it really is.

  5. first, dont be mad, if my english isnt that great, im from germany 🙂
    so these are my suggestions for these "problems"
    1. eagle artillery
    greater "kraters", which do percentage damage over time and stay the whole battle, so you want to take it out as fast as you can
    2. attack balancing
    damaged troops loose movement speed/attack speed (not quite sure which of them would be better). this also is very logical, because who can run normally with an arrow in his leg? 🙂
    3. th10
    maybe give them 2 additional spell spaces (1 regular/2 dark spells)?!

    feel free to add some ideas, or show me, why these solutions would not work. im open for constructive criticism, but try to use easy language, so i can understand, thanks and have a nice day :)

  6. hey cheif it is because of youtubers that i learned my every war strategy nd i just want to convey this messaged to sc that its not be a farmer m th10 it is too difficult to just upgrd my cannon nd arch twr to lvl 12 forget about max lvl inferno nd other expensive stuf ! for me the game felling too boring before update i would play a lot more just ! nd m also relentlessly atked but not getting any sheild nd people r dropping trophies

  7. Great video. hits it right on the head. the problem I am having is trying to farm. I don't make any loot while farming because the league bonus is so low and there are no longer inactive bases above gold. the problem is that when you drop trophies to find them, you also subject yourself to people that raid your loot and don't give you a shield. I found myself loosing 1.6 million gold before I even got a shield. so even if I were to drop trophies to find inactive bases it isn't worth it. so again great video and I hope to see changes soon. I think a huge increased league bonus would solve this.

  8. يمعود موارد ماكو

  9. Pat I totally agree with everything you have to say in your video. I love your content and think you should ignore the haters. I do feel that loot balancing needs to be improved. Thanks for sharing your personal views rather than saying everything is good. This is exactly why I watch your videos. 🙂 keep doing what you do best

  10. To me the update sucks. I stopped raiding since it came out. No loot anymore. Am a th9 btw. I get maxed th9 to attack. I just upgraded to th9 how am I supposed to keep up???? The only thing that makes me keep playing is my clan.

  11. dear chiefpat & SC

    as my part to fix the update I'm (trying) to tell you and supercell my experience with the update. 🙂
    I am a th9, max defences level 18 BK and level 16 queen. level 9 walls + like 10 or so level 10. I'm farming around 1800 cups.

    since the update the loot is really bad. SC did a great job changing the shield system and eliminating the cheapshields.
    and at first, like the first couple of days, 2 or so, the loot hadn't changed at all, I was searching for like 7 minutes and found a collector raid with 200K gold and elixer. the dark wasn't that bad either.
    But on day 4(ish) post update every base was dry, the only time I would find maybe a little bit it would be deep inside the core of a th11, like how am I supposed to take that from him? and to make it worse, I was constantly getting rekt by th 10's who were after my dark elixer. losing 2K every battle 2 times a day.
    It doesn't make sence for me where the loot went? is every collector base on a endless shield or something? or should I try silver II to farm? It seems everyone is dropping trophies, when I wake up in the morning I've always climed 50 trophies because of drops.
    I would appreciate it if you could ask SC about this loot drought, because it is really terrible.

    Yours faithfully,


  12. make more clash challenges

  13. @PlayClashOfClans when or do you even think, clash of clans has had a golden age? If so, when? #askpat

  14. Pat but actually this is not your fault tho;)

  15. man…before this update I never got board playing this game but now I get board even if I think about opening this game.

  16. Great video Pat

  17. I actually don't mind the update 1 that im not a th11 but 2 the only problem is unfair clan war matching and low loot available for th9 and probably others.

  18. Loot has been really bad, i have to train heavy army's to farm and it's really pointless because it takes my army about 2 hours to be ready with spells and then I go back on my th10 base and half my base is destroyed and they took all my loot I got. I strongly dislike this update because i would need to upgrade to th 11 to get the good things like the warden and the only thing other players get is a different style of play.

  19. Amen to everything you said!

  20. Buff the mines, pumps, drills is a possible way