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Clash of Clans | OleGregDaGemmer (InTheDark) Mass VALKYRIE Attack “Strategy” for 2 and 3 Stars

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  1. Ed valkyriet on huonompia baseja vastaan missä on paljon tommosia laatikoita. Avoimet baset on heikkoja niitä vastaan. Cc varmaan jotain lentävää vaikka minejä. Nehän ei osu ilmaan…

  2. я тоже снимаю видео про clash of clans

  3. hi simple question where clan ice ice baby..?

  4. Ed good videos, great quality and good work ??

  5. I think it's just the answer to the pretty mindless open concept bases…if ur gonna have 1 ring then you deserve to get World-War-Z'd….so once folks start using walls again we will be able to start using hoggies again too!

  6. +Clash With Ed , onkos niitä hogihöökejä tulossa? :- )

  7. It's people like this that ruin the troop for everybody

  8. You guys remember how Supercell explained the witch nerf? "One of the Clash of Clans development values is Depth. This means that it should take well-thought armies, strategic deployment and mastery of troop behavior to achieve the best results. If we find a single troop, single spell army with a single deployment strategy (Earthquake and mass-Witch) semi-reliably 3-starring maxed out defenses, something is out of balance." lol

  9. If you add some valks to your normal strategy u can gain an increased power of attack. At least at th9 works great to add 3 or 4 of this new overpowered valks.

  10. Does haste actually increase attack speed?

  11. Beleza nubs :3

  12. if you need new intro !!
    im her.
    #ED_is AWESOME ☺

  13. perfect because I've been failing like a noob I need an attack that works anyway I can get it. bam

  14. Hallo Lappen!xD