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Clash Of Clans – OMG!! IS THIS REAL? – NEW GEM MINE UPDATE?! – CoC September 2016 Update!

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  1. Clash of clans had its time in the spot light but the developers felt things needed changing to show they where doing something and ruined it. Then proceeded to ignore the clan war community hence Jake from one hive left the hive and here we are a company trying to revive a game that could have been great but now it's just good

  2. I'm a town hall 7 and when I attack lower level players it offers me like 3 trophies for winning and -38 for loss yet when a town hall 8 attacks me they get 30 to 42 trophies which sucks

  3. Yeah cause gem collectors are gonna be coming to clash of clans

  4. Dare you to reply havoc

  5. This update better not make coc worse

  6. Who plays this shit anyways, retarded as game for virgins only play this..

  7. Coc is dead

  8. All the new updates was the reason I quit Clash of Clan

  9. If it's real, they only probably doing it cuz they need the money and want ppl to come back

  10. Just fix the fucking loot system man, end of

  11. this is not real :(

  12. Hi

  13. Are u bringing the old intro back again like u did last vid

  14. coc is life

  15. Fake

  16. Hello People

  17. Its not the fucking learning curve. Fucking supercell doesn't listen to their fans, that's what killed CoC

  18. nice vid

  19. I Hope Everyone is having a good day!!!

  20. Probably won't happen

  21. lol

  22. Second but what gem mine yessssss

  23. coc is dead

  24. Nsbfb