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Clash of Clans – One Base wins entire clan war *THE MIGHTY BASE*

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  1. What's the intro song (ninja viewer comment)

  2. i hate this new intro…..

  3. Spencer when is the next time you are streaming mate? Thanks for the vid ??

  4. Valks would wreck that base from bottom to top

  5. Attempt number 3 weres it ?

  6. I love you Spencer do u love me (NO homo)

  7. brawts r a type of sausage we eat n America it's an expensive hot dog

  8. Can you show us the base with the traps and everything? :)

  9. "this would be the attack of the century….well it'd still be a shit attack"

    lmao never laughed so hard hah!

  10. ًWhere is attempt 3 ? 😀 btw nice base . Thanks spencer

  11. Brawts are brats I think and they r sausages

  12. Solid base!

  13. At 3:15 did you say ball breakers

  14. More Clash Royale Spencerrr :D

  15. twerking is life☺

  16. That ron guy has a really slow reaction… when he missed that rage he had plenty of time for the ability…

  17. Spencer needs to go back to school, he can't count anymore :p #somuchhate

  18. why do you say " send everyone "? nonsense for me

  19. How does one make an anti 3 star base, and what are the characteristics of one?

  20. Spencer could you come in Lp4 Manticore?(clash royale )

  21. Spencer can you send me a gift card for free pls

  22. That's attempt 3 not 4 lol

  23. make your intro to the last one

  24. can is a 2 star whit gohog?
    because is unused at this level

  25. Spencer can you move to the left side of the screen so your head isnt in the way of the percentage?

  26. Spencer are you gonna upload a doctor dollars on clash royale

  27. Hi spencer

  28. Spencer is da best he is my role model