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  1. beaker u should become a commentator for real

  2. 4:27 i was searching my phone asshole! XD

  3. Ur so bad

  4. Outro music?

  5. hey beake

  6. 3 jumps is nothing. My clan will use 6 golems, 4 jumps+rage, and wiz

  7. HA LOL super video ;)?


  9. Have a happy new year guys and beaker could u pls make a speed build or just a build on some of your maze bases that spring a lot of giants because I am gettingb attacked by a lot of people using giants thanks

  10. Hk, It's really awesooe price hole % 11

  11. Beaker talks so fast in this video.

  12. Beak keep up the good work! Ur the best cc youtuber! and ur the only one that does not gem!

  13. I love you breaker no gay u realy a amazing youtubers plz stay on youtube untill u die and happy new year

  14. it's new years happy new years beaker

  15. What happened to your clan.?

  16. beak dude have you noticed that the warden jumps over the walls

  17. My name in coc is Shubham

  18. Can i join your clan

  19. nice 3

  20. Because I want to be apart of more than just my clan and I want to learn more and more about every attack strategy. I'd someday like to join an elite clan, I think I'd be a great asset and I'd love this game even more.

  21. I was a member of Barbaric 50 before it shut down, I was supposed to go there but there was no room. My name in coc is Ob. Please let me come to Ruthless 50. I miss everybody from there like Eli, Chief Hagan, King Adams and Dariel.

  22. I dunno why, but I don't like your video even though the content was good ._.

  23. 12:01

  24. Hey beak that was really good vid have a happy new years and do something fun tomorrow for new years

  25. how about defenseless legend

  26. hey beak you should do a mid night video tonight

  27. yes 

  28. Hey beak if you now any invite codes for air shou can you tell me I need one and btw I am a big fan plz do more witch attacks they rock with the new level and a quick question can you show my clan in a vid the clan name is(Devil's agents) my clash name is Brady

  29. happy New year beak

  30. Happy New Year to all
    like to have sex with sasha grey

  31. it was 3 in the night
    i was hiding from my dad and watching
    all of a sudden my phone starts ringing
    i go like "shit shit!"
    and then beakers say his mom is calling

  32. Happy New Year Beak! and everyone else too! :P

  33. Hey Beaker . I really want to join Ruthless 50 I'm a new th9 but already maxing defenses ( U can ask Chief Hagan,Eli ) I was in Barbaric 50 but it got closed and I couldn't join your clan. I appreciate it if you reply and it's my dream to join and have wars with you and ruthless. Im a big fan of yours and happy new year :)

  34. It's a nice feeling for the clan to pull off a win at the very end. From your title, I thought you meant the last second of the attack, with the new 30 second addition to the attack time. But a good video despite my misinterpretation. Congrats on the win!

  35. Already 145K!! I am here since 30K :D

  36. BEEEEAAAAAKKKKK!! You're an epic clash utuber. Keep doing what your doing!!

  37. lol

  38. 4:39 queen targeted wall for 1 second for no reason.

  39. I have to spend the New Years countdown on a airplane. Fun.

  40. Hey Beaker wish you are having a time…but i have a request..could you pls upload a video were you show some great trophies pushing bases especially for champion and above?

  41. Cool clan wars beaker and can you we look at many clan wars attack

  42. hate tht % disadvantages