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  1. Lol

  2. My Clan : The Hive Squad
    Come and have fun !
    Really a big fan, beak !

  3. hey i got it too in war 99 percents

  4. 98% 2 star just a few hours ago. The single wiz I had for clean up hit a spring trap and had to watch loons run out of time. So painful.

  5. Beak what happend with account ~beaker09~ ?

  6. 99 % one star for me …

  7. Hi,beaker

  8. +Beaker's Lab I seem to always get a 99% 2 star

  9. I havent got a reply back from Ruthless 50 regarding my application +B
    eaker's Lab

  10. i got a 99% 1 star

  11. Beaker , that first guy (Flash) hes rude guy , sometimes he left your clan because of want to sarcasm my clanmates , idk what's wrong with him , i hope you read this beak

  12. 420th like???

  13. What's a good de farming comp for th9?

  14. I got a 99% with hogs lately…3 minute update sucks

  15. Hey beak nice vid

  16. I hav a builders hut was in the corner and I had balloons left?

  17. That's why I don't carry valks in the cc. 6 spots wasted. Those are clean up troops.

  18. i got 99% 1 star yesterday

  19. 99% 1 star:( had atleast 15 hogs left just heading to town hall after a far corner builder hut….

  20. Ouch! Better luck next time Beak?

  21. Beak, try this comp: 12 giants, 8 wallbreakers, 8 valks, and rest barns and archers with heal and rage spell and aim for storages. works like a charm for me in gold 1.


  23. Pendejo…..

  24. Yo beak, great video as usual! :)

  25. Oh and beak where you from?

  26. Literally just got one with a hog raid, one builders hut!!!!!

  27. I got a 99% 97% war 3-4 wars ago

  28. Beak I got a 99% 1 star?

  29. I got a 99% 1 star in war :(

  30. beaker can i join to your clan?

  31. in the beginning of your attack, you were spitting bars bro

  32. yo beaker you make beats by the way cuz a couple of your videos had some good beats man I make beats that's why I asked bro but if you do man I got this rap group called wave theory in green bay and we are a unknown rap group look up Webster park and tilday on SoundCloud foshoo man its some good music it want no you that's for sure keep it up doe peace

  33. Hai