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  1. Nooo im too late beaker will never reply

  2. I always max out cannons. Then archer towers. then the rest

  3. Hey!

  4. more nice video by the way

  5. hey beaker I have a question do u ever think about doing clash royale videos

  6. love your videos beak

  7. imagne if he replaid to his biggest fan (me)

  8. I GOT 3 LVL 10 WALLS NOW. im close to u beak lol.

  9. seems like he always tries to get an air d with the queen walk and he doesnt even have air troops lol

  10. I got a 99% 1 star because my hogs went around the townhall for some reason when cleaning up ugh

  11. Check out my base :grady wE DOnAtE yOu

  12. I love your videos, YOU DESERVE SO MANY MORE SUBS

  13. Clan war is the best

  14. Ur outro is dumb

  15. great video!!????

  16. start doing th7 and you really small account please…. been subscribed to you since around 1,000!

  17. Hi and congrats beak

  18. nice attacks beak

  19. YO thanks for featuring my attack beak. Your attacks were amazing keep it up ! That base was pretty cool he had 40 40 heros :0

  20. brutal

  21. why dont you open your clan

  22. hey Beak, have u tried wigobolin'? It's a mix of wizards, golems and bowlers

  23. hey beak do u have any ideas what troops to use for a th8

  24. hi beaker I wanna join your clan can you tell to open the clan

  25. Great video! Love the war replays!!!

  26. please do live cw attacks

  27. It's not for you bro it's for b

  28. Hey beak im a really big fan and im not asking like im a fan but i really like coc and i wanna ask if i can join ruthless 50 clan

  29. You have no idea how many 99percentage one stars ive gotten

  30. It's hard to get a 99% ONE STAR? HMM! I GOT TWO DURING A WAR! -__-

  31. 2:12 look up angry dragon

  32. ❕❕❕❕❕❕❕

  33. you should upgrade your town hall bro pls.

  34. Just got back from school, did an accounts pop quiz that im probably gonna flunk and the first thing i see when i come back home is a video from my favorite youtuber.

    This has definitely made my day ?


  36. nice

  37. Yeah clan war video!!!

  38. 1st attack he didn't had only cannons maxed he had air defences maxed too

  39. I saw your base and your clan and I also want to join your clan but my friends wouldn't let me be in your clan your clan is ruthless 50 and my clan is kings of clash

  40. nyc one …