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Clash of Clans – Part 16 – Giants, Wizards Healer Rush!

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  1. Holy shit 2012, watching this in 2015

  2. Nice!
    I use:
    15 giants
    15 wizards
    6 wall breakers
    Rest archers

    2 heals 1 rage


  4. Would love your feed back on Royal Revolt 2, a free action tower defense
    game I have been enjoying for 6 months now and it just keeps getting better
    and better! Now it has alliances!

  5. who cares about the racist comments do you know how many people would put
    up with that for a life time just to be Asian for a day?

  6. Don’t listen to the haters man, keep being you. :)

  7. really good strategy for clan war, kinda expensive as i have estimated at
    th6 with lv3 wiz lv3 giants and lv1 healer it cost ard 75800 elixir for 14
    wiz 11 giants and 1 healer simultaneously with heal spell 

  8. Don’t use as many giants I’m really really late tho xD

  9. Awesome accent and game-play. I love how you say giants!

  10. i play CoC using my Samsung S4. 

  11. Ching Chong Ching Chang Ching Chong Chang Chong Chok Ching Chang Chung.
    That’s all i understand 

  12. amazing men, dont look at the haters they want to be funny

  13. Wut are some of those fireballs the wizards are firing

  14. U forgot to add the cost of the spells which is very expensive also

  15. Those of you being racist dicks, get a fucking life and grow up. This kind
    man took time out of his life to help others, and if you don’t want that
    help you can click on another video.

  16. This strategy is really usefull in clan wars!!!

  17. sucks lol just kitting

  18. I love your accent

  19. Clash of Clans – Giants, Wizards Healer Rush!

  20. you didn’t even check for clan castle troops

  21. Nice raid.

  22. How does this guy have 60k+ subs

  23. Can this strategy work with 1 healer,17 wizard,18 giants and 10 bomb?