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  1. Hi ash, I'm going to help you and your viewers out with farming… Everyone seems to have forgotten the LAZY RAID BUILD, well it still works like a charm post update at any level, here is a th 11 build, just scale it to your town hall size. 10 giants ,7 WBrs ,30 archers 30 barbs, the rest goblins, 1 rage , 1 freeze, 1 poison. 1 heal, and 4 earthquakes.. You smash all inner walls with the earthquakes, pick 1 corner or side of base, drop a few barbs and archers to clear entry of structure and bombs, then drop giants and heroes then wallbreakers to crack outside walls drop heal on the the rest of the barbs archers and giants drop poisen then rage send in the goblins in mass. Freeze closest inferno if applicable.. This works on tight symmetry cal bases the best. But can be used on huge wide bases as well. Pure looting, works great! Merry Christmas clashers! Much love from LORD RABID

  2. Great Strategy Ash

  3. and it works

  4. use lvl 3

  5. I had never used pnta-hound before.. But as long as you show it i will give it a try

  6. I'm impressed with the loon spam

  7. nice vid, but I'd like to see a TH10 attack another real TH10. All of the TH10's in this video had TH9 defense. or were attacked by TH11 with warden.

  8. 7:46 – "they gave townhall 9 inferno tower"???

  9. so my friend wanted to know if he max his teslas as a 9.5 will he be going against th10s in war? teslas are a trap right

  10. Another awesome vid Ash! Can you possibly do a vid of exactly how to execute the penta or regular lavaloon at th10? Like what are good bases to attack with these and what your looking for on a attack. I suck so bad at this attack and don't know how everyone makes it look so easy!

  11. Fantastic Ash! Merry Christmas!

  12. haha damn ash..y did u burst the bubble..shld have kept quiet bout this 🙂 im kiddin..ure a youtuber..u have to share strats..n yes this is an effective strat against those cc with hound in clan loves to see hound on any th9..coz its asking to be 3starred lol.

  13. Nice strategy, I will be sure to try it out!

  14. is this strat work on every th9 bases?

  15. Awesome tnx ash

  16. What makes your channel so good is that you appeal to clashers who war, farm, and even trophy push. Love watching! Keep it up.

  17. I like it. I'm gonna make a very specific request, hopefully it's not to annoying. I assume it would need to be attacks from your th10 base or a clan member submission.. Any way you could show some raids TH10 vs TH10 without the Queen? I feel like this is the most common thing (at least among my clan). A hero is down the vast majority of the time because it takes years to max them out. I've found when my Queen is down, I'm fucked. She does 30% of the work. Almost no attack wins loot for that 7 days. Ideally the raid would also be without an offensive cc. Again, most clans don't donate whatever you want. That's what 40 person clans with half of the clan maxed out does. You can't get 5 Golems or 10 witches a day for raids, everyone else is raiding too. Most clans have 10 or so members and Cc's are whatever people can spare aka a cc might have 23 troops it it that are mostly archers. When I watch your videos and try to figure out why the same attacks don't work for me it's not only because you have maxed hero's (and a warden). You have both of them and 35 tailored troops. This isn't real life raiding for most people and it's no wonder you think loot has never been better and the opposite experience is pouring in front your viewers. Thx buddy. Merry Xmas

  18. Hey ash great video, definitely will try the pentalaloon instead of my golava th9 attacks, but i have one question, when a enemy cc is destroyed, will it still deploy enemy troops? (When a lava is inside and you deploy heroes after cc is destroyed)

  19. Isn't it weird this video ends at 911

  20. Happy Holidays Buddy!