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Clash of Clans – Personal Break Timer & Winter Update & bug patches

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  1. no more farming.zzzzz

  2. Nice video man

  3. This is going be a good winter update with starting with a personal break timer

  4. can suggest to SuperCell to allow players to move the X'mas decorations for keeping?

  5. I wish supercell makes us allow to set our castle troops to come out to def or we can set it to keep the troops seriously cause yesterday I had a war and there's people attacking my golem 3 times in a row and killed it….it's really stupid though..not every clan has everyone online 24/7 to keep donating golems and stuff so supercell needs to understand that shit they done..btw they also killed farming….THANKS SUPERCELL YOU DID GREAT TOTALLY HAD FUN FARMING

  6. Simon please tell supercell to fix the shield, how can we play without farming??????? That update is bad

  7. I don't want snow :-(

  8. Hey Simon…. any news on the glitch that I cannot donate to war ccs… when I clock donate the game crashes

  9. simon, what do you use to edit your videos? please reply

  10. I freaking love you

  11. +SimonTay no effects tonight?

  12. good video