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Clash Of Clans – PRO LEGENDARY FAILS!! (How not to attack in clan wars!)

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  1. you should do a giveaway

  2. Top player doesn't equal good player in the slightest.

  3. Lol they were attacking vietnamese

  4. :D

  5. What screen recorder

  6. Good thing they are all in the same clan or they would get kicked..

  7. Pls check my channel out

  8. Godson my clan got matched up yesterday but when I saw my mirror I freaked out becuase he was a th8 almost max and I'm a max th7 and so did the low player in my clan which is a th5 and got paired up with a th8 to!!

  9. OMG Marcus Aurelius is the name of someone who goes to my school.

  10. like

  11. wow,This guys has like 15 m subscriber,i have been working on like 300 years and have like 1subscriber and 4-5 views!!!

  12. #13 attack #5 so he will fail

  13. I sent godson a fail

  14. Only a question Why you say : A GRAND WARDEN LEVEL 32 XDDD

  15. sub to me plz

  16. do more coc

  17. The Matchmaking is "nice" i am nearly maxed th8 and in war i got a nearly maxed th9 as oponnent and we had 5-6 th 8 they only 1 and there th9 werent rushed

  18. Who else thought godson was going to put an 49 percent

  19. تخليني?

  20. my clan just had a clan war with kings rock

  21. Godson, It would be nice to show us what those guys did wrong … like a dont do that video… cheers!

  22. #camsucksatattacking

  23. Going to start

  24. When is the RAGEQUIT sieres

  25. Cab you do it with town hall 7 8 9 or 6?

  26. xD

  27. "She could take out at least 15-20%. So that's like half the job."


  28. What Dus FTW mean

  29. I love Viet Nam