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Clash Of Clans – PRO MINER 3 STAR LEADERBOARDS!! (Clutch gameplay)

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  1. Remember guys, having a good strategy is over powered so might as well add 2 eagle artilirty and unlock the first one at level 5 town hall so everyone can shut up

  2. hi godosn

  3. Thought it was Clash Royale but it was some Clash of Clans garbage.

  4. 0:43 He sounds so different :0

  5. that intro XDD

  6. What movie was that in the preintro :O ?

  7. aoo

  8. Miners are so op and Tanky in both clash royale and clash of clans!!

  9. plzz wath is the name of the film in the beginning of the video

  10. Hi

  11. Hey godson do you play the division.

  12. lol, Nice intro Godson. Awesome videos, keep up the great work man. ☺

  13. whats that movie in the intro

  14. whats that movie in the intro

  15. with which movie did he do that intro ?

  16. First

  17. 1000th

  18. godson can u make a clan for lower people

  19. What movie/TV show was that intro

  20. Early Xd

  21. Nice attack strat

  22. Im early

  23. What was that intro?

  24. BAAAAA


  26. ese era un anuncio de frijoles

  27. Miner and bowler are way OP and SC doesn't even care.


  29. First

  30. Who else is watching while their dick is out for harambe ? ???

  31. the intro is so violent

  32. from what movie is that intro?

  33. lol

  34. dat intro xD

  35. first

  36. What's your favorite clash royal or coc

  37. godson reply n nothing will happend lol

  38. I'm early lol