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Clash of Clans | Pro Tip: Using CC Miners to Kill the Archer Queen

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  1. Nice. Glad to see that others are into the idea of doing specific tasks as practice over n over. Fastest way to improve mechanically and for understanding the AI variations. /Bow

  2. maybe miners in defence with some small troops behind would be good at killing a qw

  3. had that idea for a while but none of the noobs in my clan have em yet :/

  4. What level miners?

  5. YOU'RE absolutey just wonderful!

  6. Very interesting opener…will need to test it out!

  7. Great tip!! Definitely will be helpful in the future ?

  8. good idea but it feels like most of the time it's too much troop space investement to kill the queen, especially since miners are on the CC so you're not taking pretty strong troups like lvl 4 hound or lvl 5 valks

  9. thats awesome !

  10. damn good idea, props to NR family

  11. That's awesome! great tip guys.