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Clash of Clans – Push to LEGENDS! (Ep1 – Gordon’s a fool!)

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  1. Haha the pijin!!

  2. When is he upgrading his Gordon just do it

  3. Uh, why can't you gem your gordon time? Shia says just do it! lol

  4. Hey Spencer! Awesome video man. Happy New Year hope that 2016 will be a great year for you the barcha nd hopefully more gemzzz. Keep up the good work. So proud to be part of LP. Don't listen to people just do your thing, Keep it up man.

  5. Not sure legends is really that much of an achievement these days, seems as though every man and his dogs getting there, legends in a years time the new champs? lol I wouldn't be in the least bit surprised, even so go get em Spence! ?

  6. Thanks for finally uploading u havent uploaded since like last year

  7. Upgrade your walls with the elixir


  9. like you spencer

  10. Amazing quality of video, keep it up spence!

  11. Spencer, you could use your elixir on walls.

  12. lol he fucking got a 1 star with level 3 witches hahhah

  13. lol

  14. Spencer ur still the best clasher i watch

  15. You are so funny! :)

  16. glad your pushing!!! awww yeah!!!!

  17. Your channel is underrated. Both your skills in the game and your work on videos are awesome!

  18. Saw the king resting on the launchpad spence…shifts eyes…

  19. comedy as intro.. noce! u gotta love spencer23$

  20. awesome video Spencer :)