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Clash of Clans – Push to World No.1, #1 – 3 Stars All the Way!!!

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  1. Very like brandon ??

  2. It's good to see more people starting to use the clone spell!

  3. your English is getting better as u make more videos :)

  4. just my thought don't u have to go to office or other have other work …. plz do reply

  5. Should I make clash videos? I have a rushed th9 account which I could do a road to recovered th9 series on?

  6. brandon love miners, but only gt lv effective are them against town hall 11

  7. Awesome ur pushing to legends was my fav series I'm glad ur pushing again ?? good luck I think u can get world #1 ??

  8. give me th8 account pls.

  9. give me th8 account pls.

  10. #greatbrandon pls take me in your clan pls pls pls pls pls pls

  11. Livestream your push

  12. がんばってーw

  13. how many accounts you have?

  14. Hey BRANDON
    What's name your FB id?

  15. tem brasileiro asistindo ahhah

  16. poem legenda e português

  17. @BrandonTan91 what is the fasted way for me to get dark elixir? I am TH 9 currently siting in gold 2.

  18. I have a village of 158 House Clash level 11 I would like to exchange the village of Town 9 or 10

  19. wow miners are op

  20. I'm so happy to see an other pushing serie the last one was so nice !
    I hope u will reach global n°1 ;)

  21. Once everyday!!!!

  22. Super