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  1. can someone create a fan clan for atta if we can't get into his clan?

  2. Why do you have your elixir storage on the outside of the walls

  3. 20000 subs!

  4. I kind of miss cod but this is OK o guess

  5. poor mazie, one does not simply upgrade all your teslas at once

  6. DUDE U GOT RAID!!!!!!!!!!

  7. bets on Atta replying to me

  8. wow i subed just because of cam/chris expected too see videos i would ignore but ive been watching the clash of clans vidoes

  9. you and your brothers all have the same speech pattern weird

  10. im in crystal and im max th7 i had to fix that

  11. Can you and your brothers do a blind attacks on clash of clans

  12. What happened to CQOTD:

  13. you should always check for clan castle troops first before you send in your whole attack squat

  14. #attasucksatattacking

  15. I have gotten to Champion league as an th8.
    I had to wait for 40 minutes for my attack to train, and had to stay on for 4-6 hours at least twice a day.
    If the May update came earlier, i would've pushed to Champion 2 or 1 instead of 3.
    ;-; i cri evrytiem.

  16. Can i join. Im a good th9

  17. Its Cam's brother!!!

  18. Because he might revenge her that why…

  19. Being a th10 i left their clan coz they used to do a lot of troll wars which brought huge loss to my resources

  20. maizie is not maxxed th9 bro lmfao!

  21. put some background music atta. atleast the game music :)

  22. yay i m 11th in the clan

  23. Hi Bruv How's it going

  24. hey bro use these attack 8valk,15girants,8wallbreaker 22archers,23bar n 2heal,1rage plz try these

  25. check out my clan its called NetflixN'Push I'm Apex

  26. I'm in crystal 2 as a th7

  27. take help from Ur brother cam he is legend in coc that why he will tell U strategy's

  28. can i join your clan

  29. noice I got to masters as a th 8 and its not easy but its possible best of luck bro

  30. Hi atta!

  31. I got to masters league with my th8 once.