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Clash of Clans – Quad vs Penta LavaLoon Attacks (Destroy TH9, 10 and 11with Lava Hounds)

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  1. Hey Ruthless Barbarian ( Alex The Great ) . My dream is to join Ruthless 50 I was in Barbaric 50 but had to leave for personal reasons than when i tried to join back the clan was closed and most of the members joined Ruthless 50 . Can I join too ?

  2. Ruthless your vids are awesome! And i just really really wanted to know. What is the title of your intro?

  3. I was a member of Barbaric 50 before it shut down, I was supposed to go there but there was no room. My name in coc is Ob. Please let me come to Ruthless 50. I miss everybody from there like Eli, Chief Hagan, King Adams and Dariel.

  4. Hey barb Pepole in Ruthless 50 keep declining me why? I'm doing FlipDatBase you may remember me it's roman tanner but I changed my name to Billcam they Diclined My Second account and main Why? Plz tell me

  5. +RuthlessBarbarian

  6. That intro though

  7. I'm in champion using 3 lava pups rest balloons and 1 freeze 2 lighting 1 rage 2 haste 1 quake it's working well for 2 star I'm gonna try this attack next

  8. Miss the clan, hope it is going well!

  9. What composition for th9?

  10. Remember when you said there would be a new DE troops? Is super cell waiting to release it? Where they at dou

  11. 22th

  12. yo thanks for those th8 attack strategy video , really help

  13. What is the intro music pls say.Thanks

  14. Funny Intro ?

  15. nice Vid

  16. What is the intro music mate?

  17. I love quad lavaloon it's soo amazing, I'm pushing to Titan using it 😀 I love the tips really useful :D

  18. I'm rushed and have lvl 5 loons. I can't get loot to max. and only have minions and hogs :(

  19. Great vid great content!!!!!

  20. Can't believe you're even playing anymore , I haven't attacked in 3 days , games a chore after this update