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Clash of Clans | Quantum Th11 LEGENDS Attack’s GoWiWi, Valkyrie, Dragons + Razerll Rapes Galadon Cri

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  1. Nice vid bro! Galadon have been losing a lot of trophies. I see that you are Quantum's leader for now. ??

  2. awesome videos ED , Keep posting. !!!

  3. Ed youre a awesome youtuber

  4. ed hei miks kaikki quantumin äijät aina leavaa ku ottaa defun ja palaa sit takas?

  5. Povero garlic ??

  6. +clash with ed are you dutch?

  7. Gracias por otro asombroso vídeo, Ed Exitos!

  8. So nice pre-Intro today and the last days 🙂 You are a Legend Ed <3

  9. I rly want to join Q.W Lava Farm i have 1400 throphies but its closed how can i get it?

  10. How old do you have to be to join Quantum? (Main clan)

  11. bruh

  12. Great video Ed! Fun to see Galanub get smashed, too bad it wasn't with a different attack but I'll watched Gala get smashed any day. Looking forward to more videos and I didn't realize you've gained so many subscribers, seems like not long ago you were at 5k!

  13. Sup Ed, keep it up!!

  14. How much hours you play coc to day

  15. How young is the youngest Quantums member Ed pls rrply

  16. only one question: why is quantums web now quantum. im not a fucking nub who doesnt know shit, but i just didnt understand why yall left quantums web

  17. raz is just a swedish 16 year old lol

  18. very nice attacks ed

  19. how come your not th11