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Clash of Clans | Quantum’s Web – ATTACK STRATEGY – LavaLoon Th11 + Commentary + Minions

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  1. Nice attacks I think i will turn to Lavaloon mmmmh ( i thinks you know but i fail On you'r BASE ) :''''''(


  2. Any chance you are going to try LoLaMiGo at TH11? Running it on the climb back up to legends before cup reset and been having quite a bit of success with it, woud be nice to see it in action again on your end.

  3. Cool cool cool good stuff as always

  4. Is the 16 year old kid from Sweden thing true or just a reference to that comment on one of ur other videos? Anyway great vid as always Ed!

  5. AWESOME!!!!!!!!

  6. Thanks Ed??

  7. for a hast spell you pronounce it: heyste and not huhste

  8. those quantums web people have ice instead of blood ….

  9. All high level players should watch this video!

  10. Nice Vid Ed ;)

  11. What happened to north 44?

  12. Man you guys are awesome, some day i will atack like you lol

  13. Keep uploading man your vids are the best! I hope to be in quantum one day! I'm at 3840 with a th9 and want Titans league!

  14. It's says Ed in quantum web to unsub from your channel what happen

  15. Fuck i enjoy a lot seeing his videos and i am not even a th10 ty bro Ed

  16. Good video ed continúe like that make an especial of end of year or something like that

  17. And if u don't like fuck do I care lol good vid ed

  18. drop and pray… love it. btw I'm a member of 8.9,5!!!


  20. Legend replay attacks are like candy now?

  21. Guilherme Samos br ;)

  22. helo by Brazil fhish ;)

  23. in 2016 th9 videos?

  24. Brasil marcando presença.
    I came through the channel Clash Com Nery

  25. Ed Please Show The Clan War Attack Strategy With Grand Warden

  26. great video ed

  27. first

  28. 1rst

  29. Monster minions ??