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Clash of Clans | Quantum’s Web – TH11 – VALKYRIE Attack Strategy With Commentary

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  1. Hey Ed good luck on your YouTube may the quantum help you ❤️ Also I love the update on the valks and the attack combo you made with them it's knock out. I'm gonna share this channel it's fun to watch ?❤️Ed

  2. Hey I'm from the Q.W lava farm nice video mate ❤️Quantum's family

  3. sup ed

  4. I dont like those strategies , no skills at all and wt the fuck is this earthquake ?? its same with jumpy spells ,, ahhhhh I just dont like ,, waiting for war ?? hope I can see awesome attaks as usual ?✌✌

  5. Show level 6 Hogs attack strategies and troop combo pls!! Valks are boring. hogs are much exciting

  6. Where's the war recap videos?!

  7. we gonna be doing mass minion attacks after the next update

  8. dumb attacks…

  9. Wie Need a bad ass phrase for when the murder the Queen lol

  10. they nerf witches and now they op valks. no sense.

  11. its amazin to see those valks destroying t. hall in one shot. They are too much overpowered. Whats happening with supercell…

  12. Kkkk beleza noobs

  13. No you need to bring 3 jump spell to 3 star base and lot of golem you don't need to clean up lol,i still can't believe why people use jump spell on wall that can be destroyed with only 3 wb,even on the first wall they just drop the jumppy spell instead of 3 wb,that is the dumbass idea ever.

  14. first