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Clash Of Clans – QUEEN WALK & MINER 3 STAR (Post Update Raids)

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  1. I agree, th 11 shouldn't be so easy to 3 star but hey it's only a game

  2. Airplane temporary resolve stair Chinese.

  3. whatttt Jakarta Bad Boy???? that's indonesia clan, and im indonesian

  4. Plead mm-hmm American change

  5. If they wanted to nerf the queen walk they should have reduced the range on the healers so air defenses can target them even if the queen is targeting it

  6. Keep up the clash of clans, people who are real will enjoy your vids bo matter what you post. Thanks for te hard work godson

  7. يا ترى هل جيش فيصل قيمر موجودين ??

  8. I believe the miners speed was dropped as well. my clan leader used miners like I use hogs lol. 3 star 90% of the time. so far he has only 2 starred since the update.

  9. Sub to me I'll sub back with five accounts !!!

  10. If a one troop spam attack can triple a maxed base I think the troop might be overpowered..

  11. ???

  12. the hommie CM putting in that work….#Mr.FatCat(Kings Axe)

  13. The queen is baller

  14. Yo godson

  15. ????

  16. Hey guys check out my new YouTube channel I do Clash Of Clans content I try to make videos everyday.

  17. you might want to stop adding this kind of music and that loud, is as loud as your voice…

  18. no intros ? :(

  19. hi

  20. do people still play this shit because looking at GS's views seems like no one wants to watch this ancient shit anymore, his views and likes are dropping. Better start making diff videos or your channel is gonna die.

  21. bowlers got nerfed? what? o.O

  22. Does Godson reply to his loyal lovely fans???

  23. If I had a nickel for every time I saw this video I would have 1 nickel

  24. godson just asking are u gay??

  25. 3:45 deez nuts is goin In I'm dying hahahahha???

  26. 3:45 deez nuts is goin In I'm dying hahahahha???

  27. The should add Prince into the game

  28. no intro this time

  29. hi

  30. mal video

  31. First

  32. In early can I get a YEAAAaaaa

  33. can some one watch

  34. Je suis le seul français ???

  35. hey guys do y'all think the heroes should be able to used they ability when you offline yes or no?

  36. Hi

  37. coc is so broken atm..only mass attacks for th11 to get 3 stars

  38. Only "first" comments -,-

  39. yeaaa im early

  40. Wtf you think you know how to play ? You are just good to gem and they didn't nerf the bowler

  41. legend has it that…

    people who think this joke is funny are stupidiots

  42. Damn GS have a million subs and likes/views are dropping like crazy I don't get it ?

  43. i only need 2 subs to reach my 20 plz help

  44. Hi godson?