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Clash of Clans – Quest To…. ONE… More Percent?

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  1. The warden is like the New Archer Queen

  2. that last attack was intense

  3. stop the quest galley it's pointless

  4. At 0:6 The barbarian is so cute :)

  5. Super cell thinks we have the time for wait that much for a few trophys, well thats the reason why the people drops to gold and silver leagues, smh

  6. Why is there still no option for sound notifications on iOS!? Galadon please help! I have tried super cell support and they are useless! You can get this fixed!

  7. I look forward to your TH9 climb. something I can relate to.

  8. how do you say that some of the base designs don't work?

  9. Twn hall 9 is so. Ugly not upgrading to that

  10. yooo galadon

  11. Don't like or comment on this, I hate notifications

  12. ypur close to 1miljon subs!!!

  13. Galanoob

  14. i was playing coc on my tab 4 10.1 and after update i can play i wont open

  15. J

  16. 69%

  17. well I appreciate the time you spend on clash for all of us thank you

  18. lol the eagle was upgrading

  19. Closing In on a million subs… keep it up galadon!!

  20. plz stop The Quest. you are ruining your life by playing non stop. just go play things that are nicer to do, like Clash royale

  21. 7k subs from 1 million

  22. I got the 28th like xD

  23. Dont push now galadon. Clouds suck

  24. Dont push now galadon. Clouds suck

  25. 99% attack starts at 3min 15! and u say u ran out of time?

  26. You do not to do this for us because if you do your face will look like this ?????????????????????????????????????????????????then it will blow up??

  27. Galadon is white

  28. I bring in some archers with me! Whenever I'm stuck at 49% , I just deploy some archers where defenses are dead! Does the job for me!?

  29. Haha.. 69%!
    Do you know what that means?


  30. A…banana

  31. is your wife's name galadonna

  32. galadon can u do more 1 troop clan wars it's very interesting and so the chief challenge

  33. Make a hay day lets play

  34. Th10 farming has been amazing in crystal league. A lot of dead bases ! My builders have been busy for two weeks straight

  35. The quest to number 1 and the quest to 1 million subs

  36. 7000 more to 1 millions…Let's Go GalaBros!

  37. When will clash royale get a android version?

  38. the never die ing king should be a tale of achievery

  39. gg wp :p

  40. lol warden for 3 star oh no he goes for the wall lol

  41. Level 6,1271 trophies any good clans I can join?

  42. Galadon push on clash royale!I think it is good idea

  43. When does clash royale come out for Android ?

  44. Galadon will supercell be changing any features to allow people to be able to revenge, right now that is the most useless button in the game.

  45. When can you download Clash Royale international?

  46. yass