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Clash of Clans – Quick Update: Almost There!

  1. Rev try ghost pepper challenge….. Toughest

  2. What time vid cumin out

  3. Please get this

  4. ok this today in 7:39 night time on boom beach on the map and your beach got a black thing I do not no what it is but it said ??? 21 days

  5. Wanting to push as well

  6. Can I join ur clan I'm a new th8

  7. reversal u could use ur king instead of wasting elixr by using barbarian

  8. Hey look at that, I'm in a YouTube video, ill be famous lol

  9. Hey it's ChiefJackz from the stream put your town hall out side far away from you defences

  10. Finally CLASH IS BACK

  11. Yes cant ait for this:)

  12. Hi reversal put your town hall outside

  13. Buy a week shield so you don't get attacked 😉 even tho an attack takes like a day of your shield eventually it's still worth the gems

  14. I'm first I was in the stream at 0:52

  15. Nice video Rev, as always

  16. first Like To

  17. Lol

  18. I am in ur clan can't wait for me clash

  19. GEM

  20. first