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Clash of Clans | R.I.P. Mass n00b Golems + 3-4 Jump Spells – Th11 – Ranting included

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  1. thxs for the videos Ed

  2. Despite the fact that you do not like the strategy, it is a fair option for certain bases (most specific those with more compartments). However, people using 4 jump spells (golems can still kind of be reasonable) on those open bases which just need a few all breakers IS crap. Great video, keep up the good work.

  3. onko sotavideoita tulossa lähiaikoina,mitenkä ne 11 rupee kaatumaan.

  4. could you tell us what went down with quantum's web

  5. And if u know so much come outta ur clan come to my clan or go to many clans and tell them what to do….If u hav a lotta skills and money share ..ok ring up a campaign

  6. ur the worst youtuber EVER…horrible commentary….u are a noob at coc … clan is a lvl 9 and 3 stars opponents with maxed bases evry has his own attacking style u aint the one to tell…The only thing i like about ur videos is the InTheDark raids u never even share ur own raids

  7. Are you guys like chill with north 44 now ? Lol pie & a couple in 44

  8. Mass golem attackers are like pedophiles, they need calling out ????

  9. This is sad I only use one jump because I goho use royals 2 golems witch wiz (break the 1st compartment with wb and then jump into the core goal talk out queen cc and wiz tower if I can before I start the hogging)

  10. 43 curse words in one video, i think thats a new record ed

  11. I Love you man.. thank you for sharing this..
    you should start sharing live war attacks.. this will be soooooo helpful to us.. ppl who r thinking of moving to th10 or 11.. please start…

  12. ed.. visit my clan. if u want jakarta fishery

  13. Ed do you have alcohol for me? i have to get drunk after i saw this :D

  14. they should save 1 jump for wb or TH snipe

  15. today i come early to lessen your slang :D

  16. Ed I love your respectful and polite videos!!! thank you and don't forget everybody: FUCK ALL MOTHER FUCKER HATERS!!!!

  17. I aggree with you!

  18. what happened to itd vs mkma?

  19. Love the videos man. Not so sure I agree with ya on this one though. I'm not a huge fan of the Golem jump shit but I do think it's not that big of a difference of you dropping your dragons down and getting percentages. Then typically following with your heroes for cleanup. Have done both attacks many times and I really don't think either of them are complicated. Find it weird that you hate on this but use dragons the way you do