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  1. i m a war player dude

  2. i m th8 semi maxed

  3. can i join ur ue tryout clan??

  4. I m ur Great fan…i m ur subscriber…

  5. HEy u see me??

  6. hey beak??

  7. this wat happen to my clan too

  8. Hi guys

    My channel is growing well and I would love it
    If someone dropped by and had a look
    I won't ask for a sub because that is up to you

    Thx and have a great day -crab

  9. Beaker you're are now my favorite clash of clans youtuber that's the award you get being my favorite clasher

  10. hey beak if you have a Minuit can you maybe check out my clash vid? any constructive criticism would be appreciated

  11. Can you guys subscribe to my homie clash of clans conedy he is so funny he is so close to 1 mil subscribers

  12. Get a life asshole

  13. Hey beaker I'm a max th8 going to 9 and i read your clan description but I was wondering if I push to 3000 trophies can I join your clan. If not I'll still be a big fan keep it up!?

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    ____━━____━━╰O–O-O–O ╯
    save the endangered nyan cat by copy and pasting this over youtube

  15. Can u give me a shoutout next video

  16. If you are going to do it tounite

  17. No more royale

  18. Please please please

  19. Done to 1,000 trouphes

  20. Beaker i play clash of clans im want to gone your clan but the trouphes are to high please take it done so i can join im name on it is aidan

  21. Awesome vid again

  22. Fucking clickbate dumb bitch quit making youtube video bro

  23. Please don't ever stop coc videos.. You should come say hello to my clan we are pretty good! It's called: The Age of Man. That would make a pretty good video

  24. I love how you teach GoHo, and 3 star strategies. Lots of people use Gowipe in War, and its bad. So I am so happy you are showing GoHo raids so people can play better

  25. everyone


  27. Can I join Ruthless 50? I am a th8 with level 4 hogs and 200+ war stars. I will donate a lot too!