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Clash of Clans- Random Raids

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  1. could u please stop doing videos like ballooning, do something original

  2. Pffft ananths a noob 😉 

  3. SECOND lol

  4. Wite is love, Wite is life

  5. Wite ty u inspired me to hit th 9 champ and I made if thx so much

  6. …

  7. Apotheosis FTW!

  8. It’s dollars (Peter17$ accent) Nice vid!

  9. yo wite could u make a series called the avarice family, where u stop bye
    each of the Avarice Clans, 1 per vid, and talk a lot with the people there?
    im in Avarice Prodigy, my IGN is ace balthazar

  10. Help me get more points for my Amazon gift card! Go to on your
    iPhone/iPod Safari, input my code e678720.

  11. This channel is funny XD

  12. Noice video sexy voice

  13. Hey mystlc7 I was wondering if you could tell me the troop comp for a th9
    who wants to do gowiwi or gowipe or both if possible and the spells thanks

  14. Hey would you guys mind checking me out? I do clash videos everyday of high
    lvl gameplay plus th 7 and th 8 gameplay! Thanks it helps a lot!!!

  15. I would u gowipe but that uses pekkas and I ain’t about that pekka life

  16. I thought all my clanmates how to gowipe now their using it

  17. Hey fuckboy u wanna do like a facecam? I think that would be cool…and do
    u really drive that ferrari

  18. 3rd

  19. FIRST

  20. I only liked the video because I was bae

  21. 4th

  22. What’s the starter song 

  23. I spke to that eorro guy on global once 🙂 that th8 champ


  25. How do you record clash of clans?