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Clash Of Clans | Reviewing Failed Th9 War Attacks | War Win #107

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  1. do a vid how to stop the xbow

  2. stupid moder. that's the truth ??

  3. good idea gadihh. theres a lot more a player can learn from fails rather than seeing a perfect kill everytime

  4. GADI HH Can i join the clan winternvrcame i have 1947 trophies and soon in arena 7 inv me IF u want My Name is flamingosbaby and My clan at the moment is hk's home

  5. Please bring more of these videos. I think everybody has seen tons of successful attacks, but it is the fails that give more experience especually if someone tells you why it has failed (for example like not bringing a hound with the dragons)

  6. wahaha

  7. I dont think think the plan was the mistake in the first attack, he just didnt use the queens ability which ended up with the queen dead and not being able to take the last air defense

  8. This is Loonion God and i love that GoWiVa thanks to you i 3 star every th9 kind of forgot about air now lol

  9. Nice video gadi! however, I disagree that losing all your healers to an air defense is a small mistake. It's a huge difference to have your queen live through the whole raid (especially at lvl 30) instead of losing her half way through. She will take out so many more defenses and trash buildings that it can easily be the difference between 2* and 3*. Otherwise the investment of four healers just doesn't pay off.
    If there's one mistake that causes the most queen walk fails (besides not using a rage/ability in time) it is the healers getting dragged in range of an AD before she can take it out and consequently all healers getting killed. She's basically on her own without any protection and that spells certain doom in most situations.
    I pay special attention to this while planning my attack and thanks to that I pretty much never loose her on accident, really makes a big difference.

  10. nice video! and I want to know with witch app are you recording? :)

  11. loved it. pls do more of this kind of failed attack.

  12. @gadihh where are you from?

  13. Nice video bro. I'd say that if you have 30/30 heroes; the chances of failing are soooo small haha. I'm impressed with the guy hitting a max th9 with 11/15 heroes, mad respect.

  14. Gadi, I been wrecking max th9s using your mass valk guide and am loving it!
    Question: have you found out whether its viable to use it on th10 for 2 stars by a th9? Sry to post on this vid about Valks but wanted you to read. Cheers friend :)

  15. A great way to reinforce what not to do or try to avoid! Much better than the fails shown for laughs. Getting to learn why something didn't work is really valuable knowledge

  16. Excellent, ty!

  17. Thank you for not showing my fails lol! jk Nice vid gadi!

  18. nice video gadi

  19. I love your channel! your strategy videos help me a lot, I just got th9 and I did a queen walk with a lvl5 queen and did 3 star, I wanna sent you the video.

    PD: keep it like that, I love your content. ?

  20. To be honest, these fail videos are a refreshing change…and seem to give credibility to the 3-star vids (Much like OneHive's "Death of a TH10" series). Thanks!