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  1. Still a noob Beaker! :D

  2. Kool

  3. hey beak ! what's that music name ?

  4. lol you are no 17 but failed to get 3 star on a base thats is far weaker but you still sound cocky

  5. u shld activate the queens ability soon

  6. ur the one wasting time not not enough time

  7. hi beaker do you want new lvl 12 walls?

  8. hey breaker i m a fan of urs

  9. yesterday I got a 99% 1 star

  10. No more kamcord??

  11. why y dont open ruthless 50 often . wats d reason

  12. can I join your clan

  13. pls give me your account

  14. royale

  15. Can I join your clan I have 2000 trophies in clash royals

  16. I'm a th8 not maxed looking for a good clan my current clan sucks

  17. Sup buddy

  18. Hey beaker love ur videos

  19. Beaker how long do u play clash a day sense ur a really good th9 10 and 11

  20. It just ended >.>

  21. ILY BEAK

  22. did you leave the clan Beaker because i found it and i did not see you

  23. YO YO YO!

  24. Wow great vid!

  25. hey just made a new clan its called WET SCORPIONS if ur looking for a fresh start clan to build up

  26. BEAKER! I'm rogue who just battle u today…and sorta crushed u…but anyways I joined ur clan and talked to ya just to say hi! this was on clash royale btw Lol ???

  27. screw royal more coc!!!

  28. i have my sister in your clan… 🙂 yo beaker! :)

  29. Nice video!!

  30. Awesome video as usual it was cool war and we get the win ??

  31. Hey beak, what are the requirements to join one of your clans

  32. beaker can i come back to ruthless50?

  33. wa are all atacking our mirror

  34. you did not atack youre mirror enemy youre a noob

  35. my clan should of we can win 3 more 50 v50 wars

  36. Sup beak

  37. Nice vid man

  38. Our clan unlocked level 10 clan perks on Tuesday!

  39. Awesomeeeee!

  40. 7:14 OMG

  41. BEAKER!!!!

  42. Hey beack when are you going to finish that 25 walls????

  43. Hey beak can I know whats your render setting in Sony Vegas? Coz every time I rendered video, the quality is bad (not real HD). Thx

  44. Hey beak

  45. war

  46. I have maxed my queen today! Timer needs 30 more seconds!

  47. 11:22 pewdiepie?