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Clash of Clans | RIP Th10 – Quantum Th11 Legends Smash Th10’s – DED so DED +INSANE ATTACKS

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  1. lol "full retard mode "

  2. Nice video as always ed 😀 is it possible to 3* th11 with lavaloonion? It looks like it could be powerful in combination with the warden :)

  3. likeeeeeeeeee

  4. lol first time seeing a guy with 40k subs and his content sucks barely even talking and his intro is just braging about coc people only watch you cuz you are th11 lmao

  5. This game is almost over by noobs and for greedy supercell :/ almost 1.5k legens already and few half max TH 10 also got legend (

  6. Supercell said smoke pie's account has been cancelled :/ but finally he is back wlcm again

  7. As ever some excellent replays shown Ed. ps tell Rock hes a nub from Ben

  8. GW is not that OP, MAX GW can be killed by one seeking air mine and can be killed by flying skeleton , he does not defend himself like royals .

  9. Ed I'm part of quantum8.9farm2

  10. Y U Said OMFG Alot

  11. nice attack

  12. Ill be maxing th9 wall and all by early January should i go straight to th11 to get the warden ?

  13. nice video man all attack ?❤

  14. yes man rip th10 ?

  15. Nice video! How many accounts do you have?

  16. Ed post some war please

  17. Thats the problem. You need to be th11 if you dont want to get crushed on defense. Right now, you basicly have 2 choises: either drop in cups or gem. At the moment high lvl clash is pay to win. For me, thats just wrong. They should have made th11 a bit less op in comparism to th10 (writing on my phone ;D)


    grand warden is soooo cool we caneazy 3star TH 10 haha xD

    i need lvl 3 witch omg but of course gowip even against eagle

    woooooooooooooo 2 stars clutch on that french nigga !

    love you'r videos #FrenchFanHere <3

  19. Quantum Web Is Lost

  20. grüße aus Deutschland :)