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  1. Beak I'm A Rushed Town Hall Ten Like Your 2nd account XD I'm Workin On it Though

  2. Keep going bro I really enjoy watching your videos and your tips are helpful

  3. Wait, wait, wait… I'm th7 who got the x-bow exterminator

  4. i have

  5. Beaker do a raid and show it to us in reverse, I think it'll look sick!!

  6. nice outro beak

  7. gigowi nice attack strategy

  8. DO YOUR WALLS IN THE NEXT EPISODE! ((((-_-)))), or this asian army will destroy your base!

  9. Beakers lab how is this account name Luchtwin

  10. your awesome beaker!

  11. what's the outro song??


  13. make a th 9 base please :)

  14. Beak will you do a clan for your subscribers

  15. Earn free gems by downloading apps!!!

  16. First raid if u used the queens ability u would have gotten all the loot lol

  17. hey beaker you should go to silver 2 to farm

  18. beak pleas join my clan its Texas the great

  19. beak, is there a way to share a replay with you? I 3 starred a decent th10 as a th9 using goho, you might wanna show it on a vid


  21. can yo make a video on dreday next?

  22. HEY BUDDAY! I had a nice loot drop for me! GOLD League Loot is INSANE NOWADAYS! Great video as always!

  23. Do you think I could do an ok queen walk with my week lvl five queen. I'm new to th nine

  24. 4:21 Elixer isn't the only thing the Queen can touch. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  25. how many times do you press next?

  26. Hey BUDDY

  27. yes, 200 000 loot is a lot but right now in gold 2 you can find dead town hall eights for 400 000 of each

  28. freeze inferno and put heal spell down it works

  29. Beak what is better 2 lvl 4 xbows and 1 lvl 1-2 xbow or 3 lvl 3 xbows

  30. What is mean by legit

  31. What is mean by legit

  32. Max gold? No way dude. It changed to 8.5m xD

  33. beaker ur the best +beakerlab

  34. Can you try and find the best leauge for loot on a th9 ?

  35. ^^

  36. Dark elixir time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. I got the fire fighter achievements

  38. ?

  39. yo buddy to beaker

  40. Do Spring traps work on golems?

  41. i would rather have this 'rushed' base rather than my max th 8.

  42. ill probably never stop giggling over farming raids with golems. Everytime I see one I look up the other player to see if all his DE stuff is maxed, never is.

  43. My favourite youtuber !

  44. love u dude

  45. Great video!!!! Keep this up!!! It was super entertaining!!!

  46. Lol yea

  47. Beak I love ur edited videos so much i wish i cold watch them forever <3 ( no homo ) keep up the amaizing work buddy!

  48. Dang it beak I missed my bus

  49. Beak what happened to Dark Elixir Time??

  50. dont do that thing at the end like replay from attaCK bring back the autro like and comment who agrees!! BTW YOU ROCK