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Clash of Clans: “RUSHED TO MAXED…” EASIEST FARMING RANGE? (After Update)

Clash of Clans farming some CRAZY EASY LOOT… is this our new farming spot? Our not-so-great Townhall 10 account needs every penny we can get. It used …


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  1. Yo beak how do u keep so much loot on a rushed account? Because I'm a rushed th10 and I can't keep more than 3.3 mil gold and elixir and 40k dark

  2. silver is the best place ti farm supercell even said it

  3. town hall 6,7,8,9,10,11 good in silver

  4. i found a rushed th11 amd destroyed him and he had every here lvl 1 but no eagle arillarty

  5. I have found several bases with 700K of each and 4.5K DE within 5 minutes down at 600 trophies

  6. crystal 3 is amazing… Today i have found 1.3 mil and 1.1 mil… even when im de hunting!

  7. ur a fgt

  8. I'm a TH10 and I farm at 980 Trophies and it's AWESOME GUYS u should try it I'm serious ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ love ur channel

  9. i found a dead base 10k each lol

  10. Not been attacked for 5 days

  11. Attacked town hall 2 base in Titan 3

  12. you shouldve attacked that base at 2:10,he would be so easy and he wouldnt even get a shield.

  13. I am rushed and know I'm not the 8 for 2 weaks and I am maxed out I made a good comback

  14. well as a th7 I run into alot of rushed th8 – th10 that are either inactive or just don't have great defenses but either way I get a ton of loot from them but lately I haven't seen many inactive bases I've seen 1 or 2 and I attack at least 5 times a day so it's weird.

  15. I was farming at silver I but now am I trophy pushing

  16. Over 700k each :D

  17. idk what you guys are talking about. I sort of kept track of my th 8 lvl 8 wall push, from about 3 weeks before the update I got around 115 walls done. when the update came out it took around 3 days to get to 225, I'm currently at 222 walls and I have 3 left. the bases I found were 175k- 460k… and I found the 460k more often than the 175! this wasn't even like hour intervals, since my barracks were boosted I found them in 2-3 minute intervals. so like… you can complain that farming is dead, but i maxed th 8 in about 2 months. (not including dark troops, I did those first.)

  18. I found a base with 700k gold 698k elixer and 5 k Dark elixer

  19. I use W.A.G

  20. If you're a rushed please don't do this. Boost your barracks and have two cooking arch and two barbs and farm in bronze 2-silver 1. I find dead bases with 200k every 2-4 skips