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  1. Powerbang THANK YOU SO MUCH for being the OG of teaching us Clan techniques. Please don't ever change like the other youtubers; your COC input means a lot to a lot of people! Keep it up!

  2. One little use I found for it, if you want to go a lighter on your wizzies for a funnel, they work pretty well at creating a funnel on the outside of say, 2 golems.

  3. great content man. sure this video will change how people attack in war from now on .

  4. usefull info

  5. Glad to hear you back to normal PB nice video brother!Also when will you be doing another sub/take a shot stream?

  6. can you take out a dragon in the cc with a skellie spell and wiz?

  7. I love your videos dude! Keep up the good work! But I have one request. Can you make like attack strategies for th8? Thanks.

  8. On IOS devices?

  9. Wow

  10. nerf incoming…

  11. Россия с тобой!!! Да поможет тебе Трамп!!!

  12. U r great powerbang ?

  13. awesome man!!!as alwys pb!!!great work!

  14. I still like to go old school and take out a typical drag loon /valk baby drag cc combo by feeding them barbs and queen /wiz and one poison take them out. Substituted skellys spell for barbs and works well.
    On my mini th8, used it on mass hog /goho, to take out king /skeletons at end of raid. Which would sometimes bite me in the ass.

  15. PB why no facecam lately?

  16. rip th9

  17. hey dude it worked for me skeleton spell+clone spell they will take air defense out !!

  18. post your 1st arranged war video……waiting for it……WHF V/S WHF2

  19. I've seen someone taking dwon 2 Inferno with that spell while they lock on other troops

  20. Great Video PowerBang! Keep up the great work!

  21. hi powerbang c'mon reply me im always early :)

  22. Hey powerbang! How do you make your thumbnails!

  23. Not even saw it yet but great video! :p

  24. thanks for another great video!

  25. 3rd time in a row!

  26. im early yet again

  27. :)