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Clash of Clans | SICK GoWiWi + GoWiPe + 3 Jump Spells Attacks – Arranged War

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  1. the zap quake isn't working for me that well as it did a few weeks ago. Do you know why Gadihh?´╗┐

  2. Bro it's your channel. Post what you want. F the haters. Good luck in life brother.´╗┐

  3. hahahaha savage sloots´╗┐

  4. we'll pray for you gadi everythings gonna be allright´╗┐

  5. And for feedback, many of the Tubers have gone to 80-90% CR content. I know you stick to 80-20, which is pretty good for us non-CR players. Plus the quality of your content Gadi is really superb. I think a couple things are just an annoyance for the harder core CoC crowd – 1. many Tubers have gone to almost all CR content and not balancing their content well 2. Its mixed in the same channel without notice – perhaps CR and CoC should be labelled better in description or even have different channels, well organized and separated? Thanks Gadi,´╗┐

  6. Dude we missed you, hope you're doing well. Cheers bud, chin up´╗┐

  7. ur voice sucks´╗┐

  8. the reason these r effective now is because of the way base building is now, right?´╗┐

  9. I'd like to thank gadi for the tutorial, my mom, my dog, and my hot neighbour for making the last attack possible ;)´╗┐

  10. thumbz up for not passing the test´╗┐

  11. Can you Start Guides for Th 10 ? I am try Tor get a better war fighter:) & Need help ?´╗┐

  12. 2 stars win wars

  13. like 1´╗┐