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Clash of Clans: SICK TH9 AIR ATTACKS – WHF vs FPC Germany

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  1. (◣‿◢)

  2. "Tesla does nothing" when it pops the last hound…

  3. Did you just assume the dragons' gender??? >:(

  4. Hey PB how about a vid on what you would do to fix witches. Because right now they suck, as everyone knows. But what would YOU do about it? Great content, PB, love it

  5. any reason why your not in the bottom right corner? felt a bit odd

  6. Awwww, Fpc germany is so nice!

  7. PB.. can i suggest some faint COC music in the background ? putting me to sleep

  8. PB decide to wear green today? lol

  9. You sound really tired.

  10. Is he play clash royale?

  11. ahhh i want to join fpc germany

  12. H U N T E D

  13. im sure you have said this before but Yagmur should be called Swagmur. he is always swagging stuff. Keep up the good work PB, hurry up with those sneak peaks

  14. Ein Deutscher hier ? :D

  15. Welcome to GOBOLA, my clan mate has been rocking this since the bowler update. Most powerful th9 attack period imo.

  16. When WHF has the advantage in random wars, do you guys try to even it up PB?

  17. It's lame how you rarely show th11 attacks

  18. Show some th11 action dude

  19. Facecam is off

  20. nice th9 att

  21. PB is invisible???

  22. where the facecam'

  23. PB s invisible here

  24. At least one German fpc clan can play fair.

  25. I'm about that TH9 life.

  26. Lets hope SC introduces some balance changes @ TH10 & 11 that make multi-phased attacks a constant! I've had it with these spamy mass miner attacks already!

  27. im early as always

  28. Awasome war recap bud, KEEP IT UP ❤

  29. 7:20, that ad by aq is walkable

  30. soo where are you, PB? ?

  31. Come to mini WHF you clown

  32. Fpc Germany, good spirit ??

  33. Class act FPc Germany. Now that's fairplay.

  34. Damn.. first. ;)

  35. u rock!! ;)

  36. first :D