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Clash Of Clans | SICK Th9 vs Th10 OVERKILLS – CRAZY 3 Star Attacks!

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  1. gadi please accept me to cw boot camp, im max th9 with lvl 17 heroes

  2. You are the best 🙂
    keep it up bro…

  3. sweet .. love the video. .. ??

  4. second atack just amazing!

  5. Hello Gadi!
    Yesterday I joined your clan.My name is T.B.L.See you in clan :D

  6. Wow, every Video of you Impresses me, but if i want to attack with That strategies, i get 99% because the Time runs out.
    I think the queenwalk lasts so long that the Time will let you defeat…

  7. I love your intro!

  8. second attack was awesome.. once again u rock ur compilation.. u r d best gadi!!

  9. Gadi , What Is that Zoom in the video ? ??

  10. Just to be clear. There was a lava hound in the CC on first attack, so it didn't come out. on the second attack there is no CC but still very awesome attack!