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  1. Is that what we gonna have after the update ?

  2. Easy to destroy a th

  3. couldn't use skeleton spells to pop traps? like double bombs?

  4. I was thinking if theres NO splash by the town hall witch I bet there will you could drop like 3 and take it heh

  5. skeletons can't detonate bombs right? -_-

  6. Drop it on a double giant bomb spot

  7. Double giant bombs at th9 useless?

  8. So boring your voice

  9. Couldn't the skeleton spells be used to trip giant bombs and any other traps

  10. witches and skeleton spells

  11. do you know whay th you get the spell

  12. LOL you know Nery, he is my second favorite youtuber, you're the number 1

  13. This is so cool

  14. Wassup beaker….just want to say you have been a huge inspiration to me over my last 11 months of playing COC and helped me alot and also made me laugh. For that reason I have decided to try and follow in your footsteps and create my own channel showing live game play and tutorials of everything I have learnt over this last year. So thankyou buddy….and if you could give me any tips on how to be successful I would be very greatful. ….videos to come very last thing…..Subscribe here 😉 cheers

  15. Single target inferno towers weakness=skeleton spell

  16. Skeletons spells would be super effective in hog attacks just put spells in DGB locations

  17. now its easy to dodge giant bombs , just drop them at empty spaces , then hogs will do rest the base

  18. Th9s can use it to trip double giant bombs

  19. oh that's why superell made it so that skeletons don't trigger traps

  20. do you get the spell at th 9

  21. omg,skeleton spell will make giant bomb useless

  22. are th9 can has skeleton spell???

  23. coc skelton poision cr skeleton army

  24. so its kinda like the critters from boom

  25. U can u this to trip double giant bombs

  26. Spell triggering cc will stop i guess

  27. I think they look a little too much like poison spell.

  28. I apologize if someone has already mentioned this but the first thing that comes to mind would be to use these spells as cleanup troops so you could focus on making your main army composition. I know beak has stressed it enough to make them clean up troops :-). effective for wars and farming

  29. I hope they change the color of skeleton spell icon. It looks so much like a poison.

  30. Dayum 1 spell capicity to unlock cc in coc thx supercel

  31. 99% 2 star can be avoided

  32. Single target infernos

  33. Taking out possible double giant bombs?

  34. Use them to take out double gaunt bombs

  35. Yo Beak, i know how you make the spells even, you bring 1 poison 1 skeleton spell, you use the skeleton spell to lure out the clan castle than poison it, or lure traps out when you're doing a hog attack!

  36. i hink for a hoge rait clean upp if you have change on the 99 one stear maybe?

  37. U to van use iT to lure out the ck troops

  38. Is it a private sever

  39. I use it to get double giant bombs

  40. could you use all skele spells on the town hall

  41. Can't believe how large you've grown. Great job man, keep up the good work. Proud to say I was your first sub?

  42. look at the spring trap

  43. Yo beak keep up the great vids

  44. I would drop a skeleton spell on big bombs to set them off

  45. there's miners

  46. new barracks at 1:56

  47. this is so fucking op in war. you can easily trigger giant bombs now.

  48. people are going to use it to lure out the clan castle!

  49. I just realized how insane they would be for giant bomb locations